Thursday, 23 September, 2021
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Custom Designing

We will help bring your ideas to life. By combining the latest design technology with over 25 years experience designing exquisite jewellery, the Universal Jewellers Design Team well bring your inspiration to life. There are no limitations to the custom handcrafted jewellery we can create, plus we can expertly replicate a design. We can work from your sketch or picture or just a description of your idea.

Each step of the custom jewelry design process is mindful of remaining true to your vision. We capture that inspiration using the precision of technology and create each piece with unsurpassed craftsmanship.

Our graphic artists will create a 3D photo model of the design. You can review the design and gain a realistic impression of your finished piece.

At this stage changes can be made on your piece before going on to the actual manufacturing process.You might want to make the band thicker or thinner, wider or narrower, higher or lower, change the height of your stones, change the layout of your stone.

Once the rendering of your custom designed jewelry has been approved, the 3D model is sent to the wax carving machines. The machines create the prototype to the highest resolution standards possible, resulting in a precise final piece.

The wax is prepared for casting and once cast setting the stones begins. The final step involves the skill of our craftsman, our goldsmith. The diamond and/or gemstones you have provided or purchased from Universal Jewellers, are carefully mounted. The piece is then polished to reveal is gleaming luster.

Your new custom made jewellery is now ready!

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